Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hawkeyes Lose

Iowa chose to force the pass and use the run as a secondary weapon and their offense suffered accordingly. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa's chosen coach, chose to change up his working, running offense with a pass first offense that could not convert enough to run the clock or the game. The Iowa D made some big plays in the first half to keep the team in it, but Purdue's offense found their rhythm to pull out as the Iowa D spent too much time on the field. Iowa can't expect a better coach in Kirk Ferentz, but the Captain could gamble a little bit more when opportunity shows her college Saturday football face. Losing seems to be likely if conservative play calling continues. The fans don't like losing, but they'll accept it better if they see some more aggresive play calling. Fans prefer to gamble for the win instead of blindly sticking to a predictable playbook. Will our coach listen? We'll find out over the next few weeks.

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