Hawkeye Gold

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Iowa Surprises Michigan St.

After a lackluster start where the offense couldn't produce, and the defense couldn't stop, Iowa came out of halftime determined to rally. Albert Young told the team to follow his lead and backed by his breakout running skill they rallied from a 17-3 halftime deficit to tie the Spartans in a furious 3rd quarter. The Hawkeye defense must have gotten the same inspirational message at halftime because they proceeded to stymi a Michigan St offense that had run ragged over them in the first half. Michigan St rallied late to tie with a field goal and drag the contest into overtime. Michigan St, with first possession put together a methodical offense that scored 7. Iowa's offense had their chance and quickly put together a series of running plays that resulted in the game going into double overtime. Iowa started the 2nd OT on offense and after a offensive penalty completed a 22 yard down for a first and ten. Christiansen completed a short pass to freshman third string RB Jevon Pugh for a TD and the lead. Michigan St ran out of downs trying to pass for a touchdown, as the Iowa D sealed an important win in Kinnick St. 70,000+ screaming fans stormed the field to congratulate their struggling team as it tries for a bowl bid...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Florida Wins against #1 slayer Kentucky

Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators showed the college football world why they should not be disregarded by beating the Kentucky team that last week beat #1 LSU. Kentucky showed grit, lead by Andre Woodson's accurate passing threat. The Gators were on the road, but their team that has suffered recently used their week off to put together a winning strategy at a game with national implications that few would have predicted at the beginning of the season.

Kentucky is the real deal, but suddenly Florida regains their crown as the leader to represent the SEC East. Bama, or a repeat of LSU or Auburn could be in the Gator's future, if they continue to win and shape their own destiny towards a destination at a BCS game and continued national glory.

Hawkeyes Lose

Iowa chose to force the pass and use the run as a secondary weapon and their offense suffered accordingly. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa's chosen coach, chose to change up his working, running offense with a pass first offense that could not convert enough to run the clock or the game. The Iowa D made some big plays in the first half to keep the team in it, but Purdue's offense found their rhythm to pull out as the Iowa D spent too much time on the field. Iowa can't expect a better coach in Kirk Ferentz, but the Captain could gamble a little bit more when opportunity shows her college Saturday football face. Losing seems to be likely if conservative play calling continues. The fans don't like losing, but they'll accept it better if they see some more aggresive play calling. Fans prefer to gamble for the win instead of blindly sticking to a predictable playbook. Will our coach listen? We'll find out over the next few weeks.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Iowa at Purdue

Iowa hits the road to see if their offensive signs of life vs Illinois can develop into a point scoring threat. If Iowa is going to have a post season this year, a win over Purdue on the road could determine whether the bowl game will be somewhere warm, or if snowtires might be required. Purdue's high powered offense vs no names has hit a snag vs the cream of the Big 10 crop (in Ohio St and *michigan*.) When Iowa's D has a chance for a breather once in awhile they can stop a good team. Its up to the O to score some points and eat some possession time. I really think this game is a toss up. Its important for Iowa to score first, or match any score Purdue makes. We can't go into halftime down more than 7.

1st half prediction
Iowa 10 Purdue 10

Final prediction
Iowa 23 Purdue 20